Over 15 years in business
   PO Box 370
   Alachua, Fl
 In 1983 I bought my first computer, a small Sinclair which was not much bigger than a hand calculator. A couple of years later, I bought a TI 99/4A which was more like our computers today, except it did not have a monitor ---you had to hook it up to your television. After that I got an IBM 8088 and then an IBM 8086.
So you see, we have been involved with computers for a long time- virtually since the beginning. I have actively been doing it as a business for about 22 years. I have seen many companies come and go in the Gainesville area since I first started. We are still here--we must be doing something right. We keep our overhead low and our quality of service high. We talk to you in plain English, and above all, give our clients an honest evaluation of what they need.

Personally, I grew up in the Gainesville area. I attended Gainesville High School and then graduated from the Univ. of Fla. in 1975.  Our business is located between Gainesville and Alachua near Hague. We have been here over 22 years, with no plans of ever leaving---So you can always count on us being here when you need us!
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